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Sometimes, when you least expect it, God likes to remind you that he's looking out for you through the angels he places in your path. 

Learn to trust those moments and love those people. Something beautiful is bound to happen...

Shane Whitecloud was feeling the depression kick in, so his friend and mentor, Lisa Howard brought him to American Iron Gym to start getting him into shape and training for his first powerlifting competition in 2017. To give him a mission. That's where he met Bob and Tammy Lopes, owners of the gym. Immediately Shane connected with these two incredible people, and it was easy to call them family.


Over the years, the friendship grew. In September of 2021, Tammy and Bob approached Shane about his small garage-based business that he started during the pandemic, Valor Hobby. Until recently, they had been purchasing custom engraved tumblers from Shane for their gym, and when Shane mentioned he wanted to start doing screen printing, something magical happened.

After two conversations and a lot of paperwork, Team Valor, LLC was born! Combining love of service and creative passion, we strive to provide quality merchandise for small business owners and individuals with imagination.

That's why we say, "Crafted with discipline, because you are worth it!"

Whitecloud Headshot.jpg
Shane Whitecloud

Service-Connected, Disabled Navy Veteran with a passion for helping Veterans and children and a love for creative arts and making people smile. Shane is a rock singer, radio personality, public speaker, creator, and author. In September of 2021, Shane was a featured speaker for TED Talks through TEDxVeteransAffairs. Currently (and very slowly...) working on his autobiography, "The Path to Empathy."

Amanda Whitecloud

Shane's wife and best friend, Amanda is the glue that holds it all together. She handles your large orders and government contracts while ensuring that your experience is truly world-class. A mother of two, Amanda takes her fun and feisty personality wherever she goes and is sure to create a smile. You aren't just a're family.

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